The Revolution of Lotus Cars

The Revolution of Lotus Cars

The History Behind Lotus Cars:

Lotus Cars is a British organization that manufactures sports autos and hustling autos with its base camp in Hethel, United Kingdom, and is an auxiliary of Malaysian car organization Proton. Outstanding Lotus autos incorporate the Esprit, Elan, Europa and Elise sports autos and it had engine hustling accomplishment with Team Lotus in Formula One. Lotus Cars is based at the previous site of RAF Hethel, a World War II runway in Norfolk. The organization plans and fabricates race and generation cars of light weight and fine taking care of attributes. It likewise possesses the designing consultancy Lotus Engineering, which has offices in the United Kingdom, United States, China, and Malaysia. read more information about lotus sports cars at

Lotus started as a constructor of hustling autos, and has a long history of achievement in Formula 1. Producer of the magnificent Esprit and Elise previously, the Lotus Evora is the main vehicle right now sold in North America.

Lotus founder Colin Chapman was a pioneer of utilizing lightweight innovation to win races – even to the detriment of his drivers’ wellbeing. Chapman and Lotus additionally concocted current optimal design with their Formula 1 autos, however their street autos have frequently been amassed with a balance of inventiveness and searching from other auto producers’ parts canisters. Regardless of this, their items have stayed famous, with the Elan, Europa Esprit still held in high regard.

The Road To The New Lotus Cars

Lotus propelled the Exige in 2000 as a car form of Elise, a roadster that has been underway since 1996. The games auto was overhauled in 2004, while the all the more capable Exige S was presented in 2006. The Exige got its latest overhaul in 2012, when the 1.8-liter four-barrel was supplanted with the Evora’s 3.5-liter V-6. From that point forward, the Exige S soldiered on generally unaltered, with a programmed transmission included for 2015 model-year.

The Revolution of Lotus Cars

In spite of the fact that the third gen Exige did not see significant changes the extent that styling goes, it received various weight-diminishing and air improving components. As of late, Lotus additionally propelled numerous new street going cycles of the auto, and in addition two or three race-spec forms. With 2016 denoting the brand’s 60th commemoration, Lotus unleashed the 350 Special Edition.

In view of the Sport 350, the most bad-to-the-bone street going variation of the Exige, the 350 Special Edition joins the Evora 400 Hethel Edition and the Elise 250 Special Edition, three autos particularly created for the commemoration year. Contrasted with the Sport 350, the 350 Special Edition picks up various lightweight, execution upgrading highlights, and in addition exceptional paint and inside alternatives as standard. It is additionally restricted to just 50 units, which implies it will offer out in simply an issue of weeks.

Looking Into The Future Of Lotus Cars

Jean-Marc Gales, the new CEO of Group Lotus said “We’ve spared something extraordinary for our last-new auto of 2016, “We have based upon the establishments of the phenomenal Exige Sport 350 and built up a superbly proportioned, natural and feasible supercar for genuine streets. The cut in-weight is intense and, joined with the climb in power & its upgraded spryness, we’ve made something outstanding – far more noteworthy than the entirety of its parts.” read Exige Sport 350, 2017 review by clicking here

Future Models

Lotus is wanting to dispatch a totally updated Lotus-Elise for the year 2020 model. That is the word from-Autocar, which guarantees that the British-automaker can at long last bear to fun all-new form of its lightweight games auto. A third-era Elise has been-on the drawing-table since 2010, when Lotus displayed an idea auto at the Paris-Motor Show, yet the organization picked to present a facelift in 2011 because of money related challenges. With Jean-Marc Gales in charge since 2013, Lotus at last has the funds to make another era display.

Can we accurately project our imagination on what we are going to see in 2020? We live to see.

The Revolution of Lotus Cars


The Lotus cars are the trait of the people crazy of a car race. It became a fantasy for the Lotus car owners to put it on the track and move with the car racing as a delicious game. But, for years the race cars served only its purpose of the race and did not fit with the casual road trips. It was the Lotus company molded the racing cars serving the purpose of the casual drive too.

The most advanced and innovative endeavor of the Lotus Car company is its new race cars with the Exige S automatic. It is with the facilities like the Exige S and automatic gear function. The automatic conveniences in this car are merged with a manual a manual paddle-shift. It is with the sporty car feature of a 6-speed transmission. With an automatic and smooth gear shift in accordance with the engine response, the Lotus Exige S automatic race cars bring its drivers to get into an all-around involvement and make the driving a memorable experience. For the most excited and spirited race car drivers, the gear shift provides him with an option of the Race or Sports. Another amazing feature of this Lotus race car is the dual-clutch transmission. The mass burdened with gear shifting are sure to go to the novel product of Lotus race car company.



The automatic gear shifting makes the Automatic Lotus Exige race car faster than its rivals. This innovative model comes up with the capacity to control the car with the backup of two paddles. This new model does away with a central gear. Instead, just above the e-break in the race car, there is a group of PRND knobs. Although the new model Lotus race car is coming as a pure race car, by the time Lotus is planning to put out a model merged with both the racing and casual trips possible with all automatic facilities in it.

The mass is awaiting the automatic Lotus Exige S race cars with unique features transforming it as the track’s wonder. It will be the peculiar, fastest, and the most exciting car. So, naturally, the people relevant in a car race are more anxiously expecting the novel product of the Lotus to be in the market. The people are with a welcoming mind to accept the Automatic Lotus Exige race car. They are seeing it as with no rivals.

The Lotus company is sure to satisfy the car racers, who are conscious of the stylishness. Lotus make no compromise with the quality and style of its products. The automatic Lotus Exige S race cars are sure to click on the market because of its novel features and the comforts provided within. The light body of the car and the automatic gear shifting make it as the best race car now available in the market.

Various other models of Lotus race cars are also available which being the dream target of many car racers. When they are happy about other lotus race cars, we can expect more from Lotus in this vibrant automatic Exige S race car.