The Revolution of Lotus Cars


The Lotus cars are the trait of the people crazy of a car race. It became a fantasy for the Lotus car owners to put it on the track and move with the car racing as a delicious game. But, for years the race cars served only its purpose of the race and did not fit with the casual road trips. It was the Lotus company molded the racing cars serving the purpose of the casual drive too.

The most advanced and innovative endeavor of the Lotus Car company is its new race cars with the Exige S automatic. It is with the facilities like the Exige S and automatic gear function. The automatic conveniences in this car are merged with a manual a manual paddle-shift. It is with the sporty car feature of a 6-speed transmission. With an automatic and smooth gear shift in accordance with the engine response, the Lotus Exige S automatic race cars bring its drivers to get into an all-around involvement and make the driving a memorable experience. For the most excited and spirited race car drivers, the gear shift provides him with an option of the Race or Sports. Another amazing feature of this Lotus race car is the dual-clutch transmission. The mass burdened with gear shifting are sure to go to the novel product of Lotus race car company.



The automatic gear shifting makes the Automatic Lotus Exige race car faster than its rivals. This innovative model comes up with the capacity to control the car with the backup of two paddles. This new model does away with a central gear. Instead, just above the e-break in the race car, there is a group of PRND knobs. Although the new model Lotus race car is coming as a pure race car, by the time Lotus is planning to put out a model merged with both the racing and casual trips possible with all automatic facilities in it.

The mass is awaiting the automatic Lotus Exige S race cars with unique features transforming it as the track’s wonder. It will be the peculiar, fastest, and the most exciting car. So, naturally, the people relevant in a car race are more anxiously expecting the novel product of the Lotus to be in the market. The people are with a welcoming mind to accept the Automatic Lotus Exige race car. They are seeing it as with no rivals.

The Lotus company is sure to satisfy the car racers, who are conscious of the stylishness. Lotus make no compromise with the quality and style of its products. The automatic Lotus Exige S race cars are sure to click on the market because of its novel features and the comforts provided within. The light body of the car and the automatic gear shifting make it as the best race car now available in the market.

Various other models of Lotus race cars are also available which being the dream target of many car racers. When they are happy about other lotus race cars, we can expect more from Lotus in this vibrant automatic Exige S race car.